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We have 4 different types of pruning equipment that can assist you with your requirements.

Barrel pruning, saw pruning, cutter bar pruning and vine shaping.

We can prune vineyards of all trellis shapes and sizes, not to mention olive trees, orchards and windbreaks.

Rework your vines using our vineshaper - we have done lots of reworking over the years, understanding trunk disease is important. If its converting back to cane pruning or crown pruning you need and to cut through wire, we have 2 sets of loppers available ready to cut up to 200mm think including wire!

If you need the vines reworked from the trunk we have saws available for this, we will paint using greenseal,then we then remove the top half including all wires to you burning heap.

We have got this down to a per vine price - call Clint to discuss.

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